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Resignation Strategy - S. D. Kelly & Associates

S.D. Kelly & Associates

1. Are you 100% certain of your decision? If you intend to stay, don’t resign. If you resign, don’t stay.
2. Is there anything your present employer can say, do or promise to change your decision to leave? (e.g. more money, promotion, fix a perceived wrong).
3. Now that you’re committed to join your new employer, it’s time to prepare a resignation letter to present to your immediate supervisor.
4. Begin your resignation meeting with a positive but firm and final attitude. Be prepared for the fact that this may be a highly emotional and stressful experience. Your current employer may not want to accept your decision. Reactions may take the form of shock, anger, denial and/or disappointment. Your company may play upon feelings of guilt that you may be harboring.
5. The key messages you want to convey during your resignation meeting:

  • excitement about decision;

  • decision based on great deal of thought and consideration;

  • appreciation for positive experience with current company; and

  • strong desire to achieve/enhance professional growth.

Focus on transition process and action plan not termination. This is not the time or place to air grievances, express concerns or offer constructive criticism.

6. You have been a valued employee. Your company will not want to lose you. They will likely want to extend a counter offer, a flattering inducement designed to tempt you into changing your mind. If anything is said that even sounds like a lead into a counter offer, you must stop the discussion. Restate the finality of your decision and shift the emphasis back to the transition process.
7. You should not engage in counter offer discussions. Here are the reasons why:

  • Companies don’t change for one person, although they may flatter and make promises to do so.

  • Counters frequently do not include an increase in pay, just “promises”.

  • If additional money is promised, where would the money for the counter offer come from? Is it simply your next raise ahead of schedule?

  • Statistics show that 75% of candidates who accept a counter offer leave their employer within one year.

  • The same circumstances that now cause you to consider a change will be repeated in the future, even if you accept a counter offer.

Sample Resignation Letter

Keep your resignation letter short, simple and positive. You may want to write something like:

I want to thank you for all you have done for me here at (Company). It’s been a pleasure working with you, and representing the company as your (job title).

I have accepted an offer with another firm and have decided to tender my resignation. My last date of employment will be (2 weeks notice). This decision has nothing to do with the exceptional opportunity you have provided me here. You and the company have been more than fair with me, and I genuinely appreciate all your support.

My main thoughts now are to wrap up my existing projects and turn over my responsibilities as smoothly as possible. I wish (Company) continued success, and I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your team.


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